Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bestie

There's one thing I do well, and that is remember birthdays, especially of the people I love and who are close to me or those who leave me with a lingering thought in my life.

So its the 18th of March and it happens to be my bestie, Idol's birthday. We have been friends for the past couple of years, five to be precise and Idol happens to be my funniest and coolest friend. We have laughed and giggled like kids in our classes, at movies, during phone conversations and our endless chats. Its strange how we understand each other and how much we say things, unsaid.

There is/was a world of difference between us, but we still hit it off well, and touchwood it been such a nice friendship. When we met first, we didnt know that we'll end up being so close. Idol's been a HUGE support in her funny and awesome ways and I have always whined and got my way through.

Whenever I think of Idol's birthday, I smile, because every birthday we have had fun and I have tried to surprise her. Movies, cakes and not-very-well planend events! This time, my gift didnt reach on time, but its understood! Wait for it and I hope you like it!

So on this day, I wish Idol all the happiness in the world, may all your dreams come true and you keep smiling. I will always wish the best for you. Thank you so much for being there and being so awesome! Love ya always!

PS: Bestie is a new term I discovered and it suits Idol the best!