Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The End

"Its over", she said.
"Why? " he asked.
"Its about the space", she answered. 
"Let me try", he said.
"I'm sorry", she said.

That did it. He plugged his iPod earplugs and listened to Floyd, she sat on the corner of the bench, unsure of her next move. And as they looked at each other, they both had tears in their eyes and a rush of memories swirling in front of them. He turned away.

She walked out on him.

"Seven", he muttered.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baba's Baby

The school principal  asked M, 'So I believe your husband is coming'. M, had no clue how the news had spread. She hadn't told anyone. Not really. Someone else had.

That was me. Everytime B came on leave, I made sure that the entire world (those who made my world) knew about it. From school teachers, to neighbours, shopkeepers, the maid's husbands, all my toys, dogs in the street and children in the park. Everyone had to know. After all B was coming. My joy had no bounds.

D and I waited longingly for whenever B came on leave. It was the event of the year. And when that happened, it was like there was a festival happening. Rooms were cleaned, things were arranged to 'show' him and D and I made our own lists of things we had to do when B came and what all we needed to buy, what to get fixed, what shoes and clothes to buy. We always took up most of his time and he also made it a point to spend it with us to the maximum.

There was nothing fancy about it back then, no exotic holiday, no frills, nothing. Just plain family time which we cherished the most. After all, we saw him only when he managed to get leave, from protecting the nation and fighting for it. And obviously it wasn't that easy, for any of us.

So everytime he came, it was 'our day(s)' and his holiday revolved only around us, our wants, needs, fights and the resolving them. On school days, there was a fuss made every now and then, to get permission to bunk, or if that didnt work, to atleast get the pleasure of him dropping us to school or maybe a pick up in the car.

I remember once, as a young child, when I fell very badly ill and was admitted in the hospital. Evidently I was super upset because I hated being stuck to that dirty, sad hospital bed. One day, when M came in, she told me B was coming. At first I didnt believe her, but then, that night, I was shocked to see him right next to me, giving me a tight hug and kiss. I'm not sure what followed, a crying session or a laughing one, but I got better much before it was expected.

B always made things special. He still does. We are the apple(s) of his eyes and can never get anything done without telling him or asking him. Even now, after leaving home, the joy in meeting seeing B can never be met with anything else.

So, today may be Father's Day, officially, but for me, its everyday. Thank you B. For being there and for being you. There is something strange about this relationship, that can never be expressed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Ode to the New Family

The S's are probably the sweetest landlords anyone could have. The family is welcoming, calm and very very affectionate. I'm probably the luckiest person to have such adjusting and wonderful landlords. They treat me like their own and care genuinely. I call them my New Found Family.

The oldest member, DJ is frail, yet strong with so much determination in his face, which talks of experiences that have been lessons. He's a man of few words, but whenever he speaks my heart melts and I cant help but smile. He reminds me a lot of my own, DU and I always miss him when I speak to DJ. 

The older lady of the house, DJ (2), is the voice of the house. She can talk and talk and talk for hours together and yet not let you feel bored. She's the one who handles everything, gently yet with great efficiency. If one needs to learn how to run the household, meeting her is a must. Cute, sweet and oh-so-huggable! 

The man of the house, U, could win an award for being the best landlord ever. He's soft spoken, gentle,  the-no-nonsense kind and a wonderful person. He's always ready to help me with anything I need fixed, any complaints, and any issues!

Finally, A, my favourite person in the house is whom I can run to anytime, ask for anything and talk about everything. She's a patient listener, a doting mother, a caring wife and the best daughter-in-law ever. The relationship of A and DJ (2) is something I have never seen before.  Even to me, she's kind and very very accomodating. 

Every Sunday afternoon, I get a call from them, asking me (rather ordering me) to come down for lunch. Most sunday afternoons are spent with them, chatting over things about anything and everything. Coupled with a home cooked meal, I have the best sunday when I'm with them.

The kids of the family, add life and music to it. Well behaved, soft and quiet, J with D, who is naughty and smart, they make the perfect sibling pair. I love to talk to them and try my best to spend sometime every week with them. 

The family is wonderful and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been with them. They have been the reason I have survived and made it an experience worth living. To another year of warmth and wonderful landlords (and awesome sundays)!