Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Handwritten Tales

There is something about handwritten things, its just so personal. Whether its a handwritten letter, a note, a random 'to-do' list or just a doodle, its always always nice to be writing things with a paper and a pen.

I have vivid memories of trying my best to have a nice handwriting and constantly practicing writing for it as well. Those four lined notebooks brought me most joy, apart from marks for 'neat handwriting'. For me, a lot of my learning happened and still happens through the process of writing. I feel more connected to my topic/content of study. I think I got marks for 'neatness' in most of my school final exams!
I love to write random things, and just read them on and on. There is so more of a connect.I wish I could write write better, in a literature sense, but thats where I havent got very lucky.

For years I wrote handwritten letters to friends and special ones. Even B wrote back so many times. And I loved reading those short and sweet letters. Q always made it a point to write back to me, sometimes really long letters which were a treat to read. And those are just what made things even more special. They always do. Whats even better, is when you dig out a boxful of those letters and there is a rush of memories going through your head! I moved on to writing letters on cards and then on postcards. But now that also seems to have vanished. Such a pity. I wish I brought about this practice again into my life, maybe its is a good time to start.

Genetically, I think have been lucky. M has the most wonderful handwriting ever. B's on the other hand, is illegible at most times. D also, got lucky! Maybe its a feminine thing, but then again Q has an -oh-so-awesome handwriting that makes you fall in love with it, and so does HeWhoMustNotBeNamed. I think I like people more if I know they have a nicer handwriting!

I wish this post could have been handwritten, but then again, that wouldn't have been here! I have my letterpaper ready for the next letter though!