Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dally Fraand

A typical way of pronouncing 'friend' in North India is to say 'fraand' and a lot of time its used rather cheekily. Even I'm doing just that right now. Consider this as a long overdue tribute, a whining session with myself or just a simple blogpost, but this one's for P.

My Dally Fraand P made Dally likeable, not to forget liveable. What P and I share, probably very few share. True story! Starting out as uncomfortable Dally fraands, things changed so much between us that now I can just smile when I think of the beautiful progress that happened.

Insane laughter session, first crazy (ahem) party, daily Dally yoga mornings, scary turn of events at strange places, debut visits to Paharganj and late night walks with Mudpie. But we moved out and moved on too, and strangely enough, to the same place. So much joy!

Boombai got us even closer and we had a lot more fun than Dally (A hell lot more!) and that was probably the bestest time we've ever had together. Not to sound like a jilted lover or anything, but that ended rather too early!

We moved on, again and kept in touch. Continued the madness there, and oh-my-God-that-was-fun-too! Its hard to calculate how much I even owe P for the fun and excitement brought to my life. Just that this time, Dally is oh-so-empty and feels horrible, again not to sound like a jilted lover but thats the truth.

Dally misses you P and so does Mudpie and so do I!

P has always been there and will always be there. I know it. Just that this Dally Fraand now needs to see me soon, in Dally itself.

Lots and lots of love to you P! :*