Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Let go, laugh often, and keep peeking around corners;...'ll make for interesting anecdotes in the very least."

It is not often that one gets comfort in words. I've always felt that words comfort, but only to a certain extent. It never sounds believable or convincing enough.  To this day I haven't felt as lucky as I did when I read what a former mentor of mine wrote to me recently. 

Every once in while, there comes a time when you feel SO crappy, that you want to bury your head in the ground and never surface. That's what I've been feeling (and doing) for quite a while. But its nice to know that decisions that you make actually may alter things, make a difference and may make life completely different from what was ever imagined (in a good manner). Having someone who not just believes in you but also encourages you is extremely important. 

What's more important is that someone tells you that its ok to do what you want to do. Probably one of the only few persons who said something nice and encouraging when I made certain (current) decisions.

I'm looking forward to peeking around corners the most, atleast I'll have something to write about!

Thank you so much, K!

PS: I'm soon going to start a poster series titled 'Words of Encouragement". Watch this space for more! 

Want to bury my face (in a hat here) and never surface!

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