Friday, November 7, 2014

MM with a space!

For the longest time I didn't know that there was a space in MM's name.

Perhaps it never came up, in written or in oral form. We've been the craziest and the coolest pair of friends (or so I'd like to believe)  for the past three years and a two figured month . It doesn't take me by surprise as to why though. MM has got to be the kindest and calmest person I've met in quite a while. There's a certain aura around and a very interesting character around MM.

An excellent support system, a horrible critique, a huge risk taker, a constant teaser, easy-to-make-fun-of, madly talented,  the most humble person I've ever met, and not to forget one who can always be trusted. We've seen each other through the good, the bad, the ugly and the crazy and secretly we know that we're there for each other.

We're both big on experiences, learnings and mope about things! Whilst there is no one special story and experience I can remember with MM but there's a bagful of memories that I'd actually like to keep boxed up, safe and tight, so whenever I tug at it, there's a lot to smile about. (Ok, there's one...saving that for another post)

So while you wonder why I didn't know there was a space in MM's name, its only because it never mattered and thats what true friendship is all about.

Thank you MM.

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